“Underneath The Noise” | Film By Jon E. Price

Underneath the Noise | Jon E Price

“Basketball is Life”, hence our brand name BALLISLIFE.  Basketball in the UK is the second most popular team sport amongst their country.  Although the government doesn’t find the sport successful enough to receive funding through the government.  Everything & anything that is basketball related out there is self funded.  It’s unfortunate because even with basketball being amongst the top team sports within the UK, the government won’t fund the sport due to the lack of medals when it comes to global competition.  The UK bases funding for any sport on medal counts.  Other sports such as fencing, shooting, & equestrian (usually involving horses) sports will each be funded by the government for their olympic and national team competitions.  There’s a possible chance that the British teams will no longer participate in olympic & international competitions due to the lack of funding.  Which will pull a huge gap within the international basketball scene.

Check the short documentary above to see what it’s like to be apart of the UK hoop scene.  This documentary is giving Britain’s young raw talent a voice to be heard on what basketball means to them.

Source: Dazed