Unseen & Uncut Heartbreaking Footage of the Cavs & Warriors After JR Smith's Mistake In GM1

J.R. Smith's epic brain fart after George Hill's missed free throw in Game 1 broke every Cavs fan's heart and was the heart of countless hilarious memes and ruthless jokes on social media. We ended up stomping those broken hearts into little pieces by releasing uncut footage of LeBron James, Smith, Hill, "Coach" Ty Lue and the Cavs bench after Smith's mistake.

Unlike all of the previously released footage, this one actually makes you feel a little (just a little) sorry for Smith. It also made a lot of people on social media question the "leadership" of LeBron, who ignored Smith and almost broke down into tears after asking Lue if they were out of timeouts.

Here's the full video (which I expect the NBA to take down soon), including a few more angles of the mistake and a shot of a delightfully shocked Warriors bench.


Here's a much happier looking LeBron reacting to the news of this video going viral.