Up By 8 With 5 Seconds Left, Chris Paul Steals The Ball From DeRozan…Because He’s Chris Paul

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Chris Paul DeMar DeRozan Caron Butler

Talk about adding insult to injury or pouring salt on a wound. With five seconds left in the Clippers 123-115 victory over the Raptors, Chris Paul ran full speed from half-court to steal an inbound pass from DeMar DeRozan. The steal was his second to go with a team-high 26 points and game-high 12 assists. The steal also made a lot of gamblers happy because if the Raptors would have scored on the final play they would have beat the nine point spread.

For the second straight game, DeRozan was held to under 30 points and is now 3rd in the league in scoring with a 30.9 average.

Back to Paul’s “that’s messed up” play at the end of the game, it’s nowhere near as bad as the time the Clippers’ Caron Butler faked a high-five to the Raptors’ Jonus Valanciunas, stole the ball and then tried to score…in a loss.