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Last week, our inaugural edition of The 10s showcased special feature appearances, highlighting guest slots with rap groups by artists from KRS-One to Kool G. Rap. Today, we kick off our second week of The 10s with a follow up installment of rappers displaying their gift to gab in the same format. Notice there are a couple repeat offenders, but no great pretenders. Welcome to the next level.

1. EPMD f/ Redman “Hardcore”
Album: Business As Usual
Year: 1990
Breakdown: Reggie rips a really, really ridiculous rap rhyme (using different letters of the alphabet repetitively throughout) with his Brentwood brothers. Fucking fire.
UNT Quotable: “My afro’s in the house!” -Redman

2. Goodie Mob f/ Andre 3000 “Thought Process”
Album: Soul Food
Year: 1995
Breakdown: Outkast’s Dungeon Family first cousins (led by wise intelligent Cee-Lo Green) bring Andre 3000 in to discuss the frustrations and hardships of southern slum living.
UNT Quotable: “I got off at the 13th floor, [but] they told me that there wasn’t one they said it skipped from 12 to 14.” -Andre 3000

3. De La Soul f/ Common “The Bizness”
Album: Stakes Is High
Year: 1996
Breakdown: Native Tongue vets and Chi-Town’s native son come together beautifully on this bouncy track.
UNT Quotable: “Whip anybody’s ass in NBA Live.” -Common

4. Souls Of Mischief f/ Del Tha Funkee Homosapien “‘94 Via Satellite”
Album: No Man’s Land
Year: 1995
Breakdown: Del hops in the cipher with his Heirogplyphics homies to get busy over a butter Bay Area breakbeat on this sleeper cut from the Souls’ sophomore album.
UNT Quotable: “Dirty devils never question us.” -Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

5. Organized Konfusion f/ O.C. “Fudge Pudge
Album: Organized Konfusion
Year: 1991
Breakdown: D.I.T.C. MC O.C. hops on the third verse of this O.K. classic. Got it, my G?
UNT Quotable: “When you hear the bassline, you’ll be hummin’ it.” -O.C.

6. The Beatnuts f/ Grand Puba “Are You Ready”
Album: Street Level
Year: 1994
Breakdown: Puba takes a trip out to Queens to spit lingo with latin lyricists JuJu and Psycho Les, over a funky fresh beat and bassline they mixed with maracas or some shit.
UNT Quotable: “Beatnuts hit the rhythm, and I join right with ‘em.” -Grand Puba

7. The Alkaholiks f/ Diamond D “Next Level”
Album: Coast II Coast
Year: 1995
Breakdown: Diamond gets drunk with the Liks for this bi-coastal banger.
UNT Quotable: “I’m sippin’ on Pina Colada, two blocks off La Cienega at the Ramada.” -Diamond D

8. Mobb Deep f/ Method Man “Extortion”
Album: Hell On Earth
Year: 1996
Breakdown: Queensbridge and Shaolin connect once again as Meth and the Mobb showcase their keys to extortion. Give that up kid.
UNT Quotable: “Wanna pop the most junk? Be the same motherfucker with the most lumps.” -Method Man

9. Artifacts f/ Busta Rhymes “Come On Wit Da Git Down (RMX)”

Album: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Year: 1994
Breakdown: The Artifacts enlist Busta Rhymes (and producer Buckwild) to remix their already bangin’ second single, and it turned out to be so ill that they made it a bonus track on the follow-up pressing of the album.
UNT Quotable: “Sit back and max relax with the Artifacts, never faking jacks blacks, lyrics bleeding through the entire multi-tracks.” -Busta Rhymes

10. Beastie Boys f/ Q-Tip “Get It Together”
Album: Ill Communication
Year: 1994
Breakdown: Q-Tip gets in the booth with the Beasties for a fun freestyle session of sorts (Tip is definitely going off the head) that they somehow pull together to become an actual song. They must’ve had a blast making this.
UNT Quotable: “Phone is ringin’, oh my god.” -Q-Tip

Words by @StanIpcus / Mix by @UnitedCrates / Graphics by @CNTRBND

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