USA vs Argentina - Team USA highlights

If you like basketball it was a great game but if you are rooting USA you have to be a little nervous especially after watching Argentina go on a 11-0 run in the 4th quarter while Team USA went almost 4 minutes without a field goal.  LeBron, Durant (who hit seven 3 pointers) and crew did come out with a 6 point victory over the Argentina team that included NBA players Manu Ginobili, Scola and Carlos Delfino.

Team USA was also wearing Dream Team retro jerseys with "CD" on it in honor of coach Chuck Daly who died in 2009.  It would of been a tragedy to lose a game while wearing those jerseys.

Carmelo Anthony tried to downplay the pressure of living up to past Dream Teams and blowing out teams by saying ""At the end of the day, as long as you win the basketball game. That's what we were talking about at halftime," Anthony said. "We try to come out and put teams away right away, and sometimes it's not going to be that way, like tonight. It just wasn't one of those games."


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