Usain Bolt Does LeBron’s “Silencer” Celebration After Winning 3rd Straight Gold in 200M

When you think about the odds of making it to the Olympics or a professional sport and then think how is it possible that there’s individuals among those elite selected few that are clearly superior to everybody else, it just boggles the mind and makes you question if they are even human. I’ve felt that way about LeBron James a few times, going back to his high school days and I feel that way every time I watch Usain Bolt win a race with a huge gap.

During last night’s Olympics, Bolt aka The Cheetah aka GOAT (Greatest of All Tracks) aka my part Jamaican wife’s favorite athlete had one of those not human moments, when he won his 3rd straight Gold by destroying the 200M (19.78 seconds) and then paying homage to LeBron James by doing the King’s “Silencer” celebration.

An honored James posted the video clip along with a shout out.

And of course Bolt wasn’t satisfied with his time…