Victor Oladipo crosses MCW, hits a 3, then crosses him again & puts him on a poster as bench erupts

Victor Oladipo was a highlight machine during Thursday's USA Basketball showcase game. The former NBA dunk contest contestant scored 25 points, grabbed 9 rebounds, dished out 5 assists, had 2 steals and 2 great plays on the man who beat him out for the Rookie of the Year award: Michael-Carter Williams.

The first play came with 3:50 minutes left in the 4th as Victor did a crossover and pulled up for a 3 in MCW's face. Then a minute later, he crossed MCW again and went down the middle for a dunk that had the bench on a woman behind the basket going crazy. It was almost a scene out of the new Kevin Durant/Zach LaVine Footlocker commercial "Eruption."  Oladipo then put the cherry on top of the highlight by celebrating with a little shimmy that would make Antoine Walker (happy belated birthday) proud.

Oladipo also had a 360 earlier in the game which was nice but not as nice as his off the wall 360 in practice.

Cool, but let's take a few more looks at his cross and dunk on MCW again.


After the dunk Oladipo asked Blake Griffin if it was going to be on Sportscenter and Blake replied "yeah, it's going to be on Top 10."