Victor Oladipo is interested in doing the dunk contest & can sing really well

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Orlando’s Victor Oladipo is putting up an impressive 14/5/4/2 so far during his rookie campaign but we all knew he could do that.  What most of us didn’t know was the man can sing and I don’t mean he’s a decent singer for a baller but he’s a decent singer.

Oladipo joined the beautiful and multi-talented Shelby Gogreve at the 2013 Spirit of Indiana Showcase to perform Bill Wither’s classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” and although he didn’t look as comfortable holding a mic on stage as he does a ball on a court, his vocals did stand out.  As for Shelby, she looked and sounded great and easily topped her interesting rendition of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” from last year’s showcase.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oladipo on more stages in the near future but the one stage I’m very interested in seeing him on is the NBA slam dunk contest one.

From Orlando Sentinel:

Magic guard Victor Oladipo told me after the club’s win against the Brooklyn Nets that he would be interested in competing in the slam-dunk contest during All-Star Weekend.

Oladipo turned in an eye-opening audition Sunday night, completing a 360-degree dunk off a steal from Nets point guard Deron Williams.

With more and more players, Gerald Green being the most recent, saying they would never do the dunk contest again, it’s nice to hear somebody say they actually would want to be in the contest that the NBA somehow finds ways to make worse year by year.

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