Video Proof DeMarcus Cousins Scored 91 Points in a Charity Game, showing off handles & making lots of 3-pointers

After two days of just looking at a photo of DeMarcus Cousins posing with Baby LeBron, I was beginning to think we were never going to see video footage of Boogie scoring 91 points at Eric Bledsoe's first annual Back-to-School Rally.

At most games like this, there's tons of poor quality and vertically shot clips being uploaded to Instagram and vine by attendees before the game is even over with, but this game was treated like a Nike event with LeBron getting dunked on by a high school kid (what's up Jordan Crawford). It just made no sense to me in 2015, how a bunch of pro players could put up crazy numbers (Eric Bledsoe had 85) and highlights (KJ McDaniels and Baby LeBron were in it) and nobody in a packed gym had any highlights to share. With that said, I actually wish people would stop releasing crappy phone vids on social media sites during live events so we can all just enjoy a couple of high quality recap youtube vids later...but I know that's not happening.

Thankfully Live Prep Nation did record the game and caught all of Boogie's off the backboard dunks, crossovers and deep 3-pointers as well as highlights from Trevor Lacey, Brandon Peterson, Kristen Lee, Ed Daniels, Rod Grizzard, Christian Waterford and Baby LeBron and distributed the quality mix on YouTube for us to enjoy and share.

Now we just need 1962 footage of Wilt scoring 100 and 2013 footage of Zach Randolph scoring 89 at a local YMCA pool.

Click here to read more and see pics from Bledsoe's event, which gave out between 500-1000 bags of school supplies to kids before the game.