Video Quiz: Are you A Bandwagon Cleveland Cavaliers Fan?

Here’s a fun quiz that will determine if you are a “bandwagon fan” of the Cavs. Because if you don’t know who Wesley Person (brother of Chuck) or Anthony Parker (brother of Candace) are, you aren’t a TRUE CAVS FAN!

I’m obviously kidding and to be fair, even the most die-hard fan of the Cavs under the age of 18 will probably not have a clue who half of the guys are in the video quiz. If you are in your teens, then you were probably just a toddler when Darius Miles was trying to save his career while playing with a rookie LeBron James and just a swimming sperm when the Super-Size Me version of the Reign Man took his baby-making tour to Cleveland. So this quiz really just determines how much of a Cavs historian you are.

If you are Cavs historian and/or been supporting the team since Michael Jordan was breaking Cleveland’s hearts in the early 90s, then you are probably a fan of the very underrated Mark Price. And if you are, here’s some videos for you.

Yes, Price did spend some time in Golden State. I guess, I’ll have to find a Warriors’ bandwagon quiz to see how many Steph Curry fans know that.

Speaking of Curry, here’s Price competing against Daddy Dell Curry in the NBA 3-Point contest.