Former NBA All-Star Vin Baker Talks About Losing $100 million & Working At Starbucks

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There was a time when Vin Baker was a four time NBA All-Star. A time when he was part of the scary Milwaukee Big 3 of him, Glenn Robinson and Ray Allen. A time when he made over $100 million. Today, Baker is a 43-year old former alcoholic getting up at 3 in the morning so he can get ready for his job at Starbucks.

On a recent episode of Bishop T.D Jakes show, Vin and his wife stopped by to discuss how he lost all of his money and how it feels to be making cappuccinos at Starbucks when you are a former NBA lottery pick, All-NBA player & Gold Medalist with enough money to buy a few Starbucks.

“For me, when the alcohol started to take control of my life and I couldn’t control the alcohol or the partying, it seemed like everything else came along with it,” said Baker.

“I was trying to disguise the fact that I had this disease by spending more.”

UPDATE: ESPN did an update on Baker in 2017. He’s now a director for a boys summer camp in Massachusetts. He’s also working on an autobiography called “God and Starbucks.”

In the meantime, let’s take a trip down memory lane and watch some clips of Baker when he was earning millions and NBA All-Star votes.