Vince Carter airballs a layup then posterizes Hassan Whiteside

Players in this post:
Vince Carter Hassan Whiteside

In the 3rd quarter the dunker formerly known as Vinsanity aka Half Man Half Amazing went down the empty lane....pause for a if this was 10 years ago we would be guessing reverse dunk, tomahawk dunk or windmill but it's 2012...unpause...and Vince goes for the finger roll layup and AIRBALLS its!!!

Seeking redemption at the end of the quarter, Vince went baseline and threw down a dunk on, OK more like by Hassan Whiteside...pause for a sec...when Vince was dunking on NBA players on a nightly basis, Hassan was only around 10 years old and probably doesn't even know about Vinsanity unless he goes to YouTube a lot....unpause...and all of the old timers like me celebrated and started to yell out our favorite nickname of Vince from 1999.  Then I was reminded of how bad I miss Napster.

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