Vince Carter celebrates Wayne Ellington’s dunk vs the Warriors

When the greatest dunker (sorry MJ)/ game-dunker (sorry Nique)/ contest dunker (sorry Kenny Dobbs & Air Up There) jumps out of his seat because of one of your dunks then you know you did something special.

Actually, Wayne Ellington’s baseline dunk vs the Warriors last night wasn’t that special but the Mavs were up by 14 in the 2nd quarter and having fun.  Despite the big first half lead, Dallas only won the game by 4 points.  Wayne Ellington finished with 9 points on a perfect 3 for 3.


For those who are debating where Vince Carter ranks on any list about dunking, I’ve been considering resurrecting the original Vince Carter website “GotVinsanity” and posting every single dunk and game recap of Vince Carter’s first couple of seasons to let the YouTube generation know why I can say Vince is the best game dunker ever without any hesitation.



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