Grizzlies Dunk Gods Vince Carter & DJ Stephens Break Down Each Other's Best Dunks

On the surface, this is Memphis Grizzlies 39-year old vet Vince Carter and Grizzlies newcomer DJ Stephens talking about dunks. A layer under there is a mentor and an apprentice. A layer under that is the greatest dunker of all-time sharing his knowledge about the art of dunking with the league's highest jumper, who grew up idolizing the dunk God. How cool is that?

Even cooler, is hearing the two high-flyers discuss the differences between a windmill and a fake windmill aka a papermill. And hearing them explain how everything is going in slow motion when they are in the air and they actually have time to think about what the defender is doing, when the contact is coming and how to adjust and change how hard they are going to dunk. Vinsanity is the only word I can think of when hearing Vince explain all the thoughts that went through his head on this dunk .

Vince also talked about dunking on Rudy Gobert last season and of course his epic slam dunk contest win in 2000.

The best quote from the entire video is when Carter said, "I used to dunk the ball with aggression. I had anger issues internally sometimes when I dunked the ball. I don't know why"

I don't either but I know those anger issues helped him become one of the most exciting and popular players of all-time and hands down, the greatest dunker of all-time!

If you are a big follower of ballislife then you know I have been following Vince Carter since his sophomore year in high school year and even ran the most popular Vince Carter site during his first few years in the league. You would also know that we have been following Stephens since his high-flying high school days and have been praying for him to get a shot with a NBA team so we could see him compete in the NBA dunk contest. So seeing these two together...on the same team...talking about each other's dunk and thinking about Carter helping Stephens in the upcoming dunk contest is like watching Rocky help Apollo Creed's son fight for a title.