37 year old Vince Carter posterizes 22 year old 7’2 Rudy Gobert (14 years after Weis)

Rudy Gobert was an 8 year old in France when Vince Carter jumped over France’s 7’2 center Fred Weis in the Olympics and threw down what many consider the greatest dunk of all-time. 10 years and a lot of inches later, Rudy himself was representing France in the FIBA Europe Under-20 Championship games and then a year later the now 7’1 Frenchmen was drafted by the Utah Jazz to play in the same league that once suffered from a major case of Vinsanity – which still surfaces from time-to-time.

On Monday night, Vinsanity did surface again and this time the victim was Gobert who is a year younger than Weis was when he was hit with Vinsanity.

On a sidenote, Gobert did have a career-high 16 rebounds (who cares) and the Jazz did hand the Grizzlies their 3rd straight loss (still don’t care, Vince will always be a Raptor to me). All I care about is after 21 years of following Vince Carter’s career, the Vinsanity I suffer from still hasn’t gone into remission.