We Thought Vince Carter Was Going To Posterize Zaza, Then Realized Vinsanity Was 38

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Vince Carter Zaza Pachulia Rudy Gobert

For a split second I thought I was going to see Zaza Pachulia get posterized by the greatest dunker of all-time but then Vince, you, me and probably even Zaza realized that Vinsanity is approaching 40. Carter still finished the play with a pretty highlight but it wasn't a nasty one.

This isn't the first time I was hoping to see Zaza get dunked on by Vince. Back in 2009, Zaza made a half effort to block this double pump dunk by Vince during his Orlando days.

But don't think a Memphis Vince at 38 can't still make a poster on a defender. Just a few months ago, Vince put 22 year old Rudy Gobert on a poster!