Vince Carter gets crossed up by Durant, goes scoreless & gets ejected for throwing an elbow

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Vince Carter Kevin Durant

Vince Carter had one of the worst games of his career last night.  For a game to be considered one of the worst, one or more of the following four things usually happens.

  1. Can’t make a shot
  2. Get embarrassed by another player
  3. Get ejected
  4. Suffer an injury

Thankfully #4 didn’t happen for the high flyer that has a long history of injuries but he was the victim of 1-3.   Carter played 13 scoreless minutes, on 0-4 shooting, before getting ejected for throwing an immature elbow at the face of Steven Adams.  Vince threw the elbow at the rookie after taking an inadvertent elbow to the face. The third quarter elbow did look a little painful but not as painful as the crossover by Kevin Durant in the first quarter.



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