(VIRAL VIDEO) 4’5 Mani Love Breaking Strangers’ Ankles In The Streets Of NYC

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By now you have probably seen this viral clip of a short hooper breaking the ankles of a women while crossing a street. What many people don’t know is that short hooper is 4’5 streetball star Jamani  Swanson aka Mani Fresh aka Lil Engine aka Mani Love.  Once the vid went viral, he released a longer and better clip of the woman getting dropped, as well as him playing 1-on-1, in his Kyrie 3 sneakers, against a few others people on the streets of NYC.

Breaking ankles is nothing new for Love, who is mostly known for playing with the streetball organization Court Kingz and going 1-on-1 with celebs like Terrell Owens and Jamie Foxx. Here’s a few of our favorite vids of him over the past few years.