Wale Buys Retro Jordan’s 3’s For His Whole Team

Dc Native Wale is a true sneaker head. We’ve seen him post pics on his instagram of him wearing exclusive sneakers almost every day. Wether he’s in the studio or on a video set Wale keeps his followers entertained with his swag and shoe archive. Wale is currently preparing for the release of his 3rd album entitled “The Gifted”. After having two successful albums and being in the mix of the elite artist in the game, Wale feels that this is now his time to shine on a higher level. Not only is the Retro Jordan 3’s Wale’s favorite pair of sneakers but the two share a certain sentimental value. The MMG prince claims that he wore a pair of retro black and cement 3’s at his first paid show which began his legacy.

The 1988 dunk contest is arguably one of the best dunk contest ever. Today it is known as the fierce battle between two NBA legends that made their mark in history. Dunk after dunk Micheal Jordan and Dominique Wilkins amazed the crowd with their creative artistic motion. After being beaten by Dominique in the first round Michael looked in the crowd and gained inspiration in another legend “Doctor J” who was sitting court side. I guess its true what they say about great minds thinking alike because the two locked eyes and had the same idea. MJ stepped to the free throw line , measured his distance, and jumped right into the history books in his Nike Retro Jordan 3’s which created the don of a new era. The era we know as the Jordan Brand.

jordan in 3s

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