Knicks Fan at the Knicks game with a Misspelled Walt Frazier Jersey


Before Russell Westbrook’s outfits, before Tyson Chandler’s capri pants, before Dwyane Wade’s pink pants and even decades before Jalen Rose’s draft day suit, we had Knicks legend and fashion icon Walt Clyde Frazier.

His suits are legendary but not as legendary as his game that helped New York win two NBA championships. The seven-time All-Star had his number retired by the Knicks and then became the color commentator for the franchise so it’s safe to say the man who also owns a restaurant in NYC is pretty loved at MSG. So, if you are going to wear a Walt Frazier jersey in the home of Walt Frazier, please make sure his name is spelled correctly and stop buying jerseys from Flea markets or guys on street corners.

Let’s take a look back at some of Frazier’s highlights and most interesting outfits.





JA Apparel Launches the Joseph Abboud Studio in New York on January 1, 2010






Source: That NBA Lottery Pick


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