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As a Michael Jordan memorabilia collector and a collector of rare films (mainly VHS & Laserdiscs) there’s certain “Holy Grails” I’ve been searching conventions and ebay posts for years hoping to come across.  On the top of that list are prototype cards for the “NBA Superstars” VHS and the “Michael Jordan Come Fly With me” VHS.


Today I added another rare VHS tape to the Holy Grail list and it’s a tape that I didn’t even know existed before today.  The VHS tape released in 1987 (2 years before Come Fly With Me) is called “War of the Stars” and it features a pre champion Michael Jordan playing Wall Street stars Michael and Charlie Sheen in basketball.

Younger people might only know Charlie Sheen as TV acting, pornstar dating, #winning Sheen with tiger blood and millions of dollars and drugs to blow but in the mid to late 80’s he was an A-list film actor making Oscar nominated films with Oliver Stone.  During this time MJ was dating his future wife and ex-wife, wasn’t on TV much, wasn’t winning games and didn’t have the millions of dollars to blow that he does now but he was an A-list basketball player that everybody knew would eventually become a frequent award winner.

What not many know is that Charlie Sheen was an athlete and was even offered a baseball scholarship from the University of Kansas – meaning he was probably a better baseball player than MJ.  That’s something we can’t prove and will never know but it didn’t take this episode of “War of the Stars” or watching Sheen’s not so impressive basketball scenes in the film “Candence” to know that Charlie and his entire family tree was no match for Jordan on a basketball court.

I’m not going to give away much about this gem but I will say “contrary to popular belief.. Michael does not fly or jump to his destinations.”

If you don’t care to watch the video and want a detailed breakdown of the video, check out this Grantland article.

Thanks to Adam Ryan of inallairness.com for sharing the fountain of  youth with us.

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Oh yeah. If anybody happens to come across an authentic ProSet Michael Jordan prototype, send me a message and a price (under $1k).


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