Warriors Bench Goes Crazy After A Deep 3 By Magic Killer Steph Curry

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Steph Curry Zaza Pachulia

I’m sure most people reading this would prefer the title of this post be “Sit your a$$ down Zaza” instead of “Warriors Bench Goes Crazy After A Deep 3 By Steph Curry” but since Zaza had 14 points on 7 for 8 shooting in just 20 minutes, I can’t really hate on him…today!

As for that deep three by Curry, it was one of his seven on the night and came during a 42-24 quarter against the Orlando Magic, who actually went into halftime with the game tied up.  Curry finished the game with a game-high 27 points and 6 assists. It was also his sixth game this month with 5+ threes; He only had four last month.

I’m also sure that deep three gave a few Magic fans a 2014 flashback they probably don’t care to be reminded of.

And since we are bringing up Steph Curry moments Magic fans would like to forget, I might as well bring up this 51-point performance too.