Warriors Commentator Overreacts To Dellavedova’s Light “Shove” On Steph Curry

Home team commentators are going to be shamefully biased. I get that. I know they are paid to make the locals feel like their team is from heaven, the other team is made up of evil enemies and keeping cable is worth it just so you can watch your local team play. But, some are worst than others and sometimes they are worse than that delusional parent with the misbehaving kid in the restaurant that’s acting like their kid isn’t ruining everybody’s meal.

My soup was ruined when I heard the Golden State commentator act like Matthew Dellavedova committed a dirty flagrant foul on Steph Curry by giving Curry a light “shove” in the back.

“What does this guy do all the time? What is this? You can’t guard somebody you resort to this. What is this? Shove’s Steph out of bounds.”

When the other commentator welcomed the foul and pointed out Curry can now get some freebies at the charity stripe, here’s what the over dramatic Mom had to say.

“Yeah but if he rolls an ankle or blows out a knee because the guy shoved him like that, I wouldn’t really appreciate it. That’s not a basketball play”

Chill out! How do you think other teams feel about getting kicked in the nuts?

Anyways, Steph did knock down the free throws after the foul and put up 28 points in 30 minutes, with a couple of ridiculous threes, as the Warriors beat the Bucks 117-92.