Warriors developing “Glassware” app for Google Glass

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Steph Curry

Are  you interested in POV videos?  Not the ones you search for when nobody is around and not those horrible found footage Horror films. How about being able to see what an ankle breaker or game winner looks like from Stephen Curry’s point of view?   That would be cool and something I’m sure the Warriors would eventually love for fans to see but for right now the Warriors and app development company Yinzcam are working on a different type of interactive fan experience with a Glassware app for Google Glasses.

According to the Yinzcam CEO, it’s a pain for people to have to move their head and look down at their phone to look up stats or any other information you might be looking for, so this app will allow people that are wearing the glasses to get “interactive” and look up game information while feeling paralyzed.

Now, I do think this technology sounds promising and when I’m not writing about hoops I’m developing technology and marketing campaigns for technology, but I feel sometimes too much interaction with technology takes too much out of a great live experience.  I don’t know if this will apply to this app but in the meantime, I’m 100% satisfied with seeing Stephen Curry play without any glasses or gadgets.

For those who are interested in Google Glass, you might want to read this article about how a woman wearing the glasses was found not guilty of distracted driving.


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