Warriors’ Fan Wins Car By Making More 3s Than Curry or Klay During Loss To Celtics

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Klay Thompson Steph Curry

On Wednesday night, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson each made two threes as they combined for 4 for 17 shooting from downtown in the Warriors’ 86-99 loss to the Celtics. As a team, out of 20 three-point attempts, the ice-cold Warriors made just 6 and only scored 12 total points in the 4th quarter; 12 points is also how many a Warriors fan scored in 21 seconds as he won a car by knocking down 4 of 7 threes. Don’t be surprised to see the fan driving his new car to Oracle as a player in the next Warriors’ game.

The funniest thing about the video might be watching the Warriors’ staff members struggle to pick up the winner so he could celebrate in front of the roaring Oracle crowd that would end up leaving with their heads down praying for a speedy return of Kevin Durant.