Was Gilbert Arenas arrested after a confrontation with George Zimmerman? No!

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Gilbert Arenas Javaris Crittenton

If you were at a restaurant and saw ex NBA player Gilbert Arenas, who is now mostly known for his lockeroom gun incident with Javaris Crittenton (who happens to be jail), walk up to George Zimmerman, who is trying to make a living off his “celeb status” by fighting has been celebs like DMX or signing autographs at gun shows, you would probably get the feeling that you should either ask for the check and leave the establishment or pull out your phone and start recording some nonsense that’s going to end up on WorldStar Hip Hop.

Empire Sports is reporting that this did happen but if you know about Empire Sports then you know that most (as in 99.9%) of their stories are made up and/or exaggerated.  A few sports sites started reposting this story as fact after hearing about it on Empire Sports and random tweets.

via Empire Sports


Restaurant employee, Erica Goldsmith, reported that Arenas had approached Zimmerman as he was eating lunch and began a verbal confrontation which ended with threats of physical violence.

“Zimmerman was at a table near the back of the restaurant when I saw a large black guy approach him,” said Goldsmith. “That’s when I thought, ‘a tall, black guy sneaking up on Zimmerman? This isn’t going to end well.’”

Arenas was questioned by officers at the scene and, eventually, taken in to custody after he showed aggressive behavior and resisted arrest.


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