Was Isiah Thomas the 1st Point to Dunk, Crossover & Dribble Between The Legs?

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Isiah Thomas Pete Maravich

I was having a conversation about point guards and who was the first to dribble between their legs, do a crossover, throw a bounce pass alley oop, dunk on somebody, etc and the one person that kept popping up as a possible answer is Isiah Thomas despite not being known for any of the moves.   We all realized we were pulling a Michael Jordan and doing a freeze out on Thomas.  I have no proof if Thomas was the first point guard to do any of these things but I’m willing to accept he might be a pioneer that was the first true point guard to do many of these things really well.  If you know the answers or have any proof, please post them.

I’m giving the behind the back moves and no look passes to Pete Maravich

Crossover (on MJ)

Rebound Dunk (:47)

Dribble between the legs (2:09)

[youtube id=”bt634gbnlK4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Bounce Alley Oop Pass

[youtube id=”vEeBLc5c0Nc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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