Was Paul George fouled by LeBron on the final shot?

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LeBron James Paul George

“I went into my shot, got pushed in the back, I thought it was a foul, nothing was called, and we lost the game.”

Paul George had 25 points 8 rebounds 6 assists and 2 3-pointers vs LeBron James (24/9/7/1) in the 3 point loss to the Heat on Wednesday night but if wasn’t for some “BS” at the end of the game, George would have had atleast 28 points and most likely another shot at winning the game in OT…assuming LeBron doesn’t hit a game winner with 1.8 seconds left.

Earlier in the game, George showed he can be a pretty good actor but his reaction after the “no-call” on James at the end looked pretty authentic.

I don’t think it was a foul at all. It was just James showing the world that George is the next King.





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