Was Wilt Chamberlain judging a dunk contest earlier this month in New York?

Earlier this month the Sprite Showdown tour made a stop in New York and brought out Knicks legends Walt Frazier and Earl Monroe to join Darryl Dawkins at the judges table.

The video recap of the event was released yesterday and a bunch (bunch meaning way more than 1) of people confused the great Walt Frazier for the late Wilt Chamberlain.  Thankfully GerizzyYMcrew was online to politely correct them.


For all the young bloods that don’t know the difference between the two legends and are afraid of confusing one for the other, just remember that Walt Frazier is the one that’s alive and didn’t score 100 points a game or score with 20,000 women.

Walt, and every other man in the world, might not be able to compete with Wilt’s 20k stat but he has just as many championship rings (2) as Wilt and the 7x NBA All-Star is also a member of the NBA’s Top 50 All-Time team.  Walt also has a suit rack that puts Russell Westbrook and Craig Sager’s outfits to shame.

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So if you see this NBA legend, please, please don’t confuse him for Wilt.

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