Watch 6 Different Warriors Unsuccessfully Try To Stop Kyrie Irving in GM5

“It’s probably one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen live.”

I’m probably quoting a few thousand people on Monday night but i’m specifically quoting LeBron James talking about Kyrie Irving’s 41 point masterpiece during the Cavs Game 5 win against the Warriors.

The Draymond-less Warriors simply had no answer to everybody’s favorite Uncle as he took turns scoring on the majority of the Golden State roster: Thompson (5x), Barnes (3x), Curry, Iggy, Bogut (2x) and Livingston (1x). Speights, Barbosa and Ezeli were the only Warriors to play at least 10 minutes and not get scored on by Irving; Not that minutes means much since Bogut only played 8 and was scored on twice by Irving.

Kyrie also became the first teammate of LeBron to ever have 3 straight playoff games with at least 30 points. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made it an untouchable record by making it 4 after Game 6.

“Now, mind you, to repeat a performance like this would definitely be tough, but whatever it takes to win,” Irving said.