Watch a "big-boned" baller try to guard 7'6" Tacko Fall, then his much skinnier teammate posterize Tacko

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Oliver Miller Tacko Fall Manute Bol

Big-boned baller, #55 of the Spartans, is probably used to pushing around opposing players since he's bigger than 99% of the kids he has ever and will ever face in high school.  That 1% the Oliver Miller-like baller isn't able to push around is 7'6" Manute Bol-like Tacko Fall who started his season off with a 27 point, 10 rebound and 13 block triple-double.

As helpless as #55 felt trying to take on the first Taco he didn't like, his 6'7 teammate Anthony Lawrence showed no fear taking on Tacko when he posterized him to the delight of the excited crowd.