Watch Blake Griffin’s Hilarious Nude Scene in Broad City

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Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin’s appearance on the latest episode of the Comedy Central show ‘Broad City’ just might be the funniest Blake Griffin video ever and that’s saying a lot. Yeah, his Kia ads were great and so was his “d**k reaction” vid with CP3, but since 2009, his “why did I have to be half white” interview with Peter Mehlman was on the top of my list and seemed unbeatable.  Then I saw him..a lot of him..dancing, cradling and drinking tea with Liliana.

There’s also a great scene in the episode with Blake giving WNBA players some high praise.

“I mean, they are so good. I literally steal moves from them all the time. Some of the moves they do, I can’t even think of in my head. It’s just like the best version of basketball there is.” Responds Blake after Liliana says she wishes there was a basketball league for women.