Watch Both Teams Celebrate After A Player With Down Syndrome Scores His First Bucket

So we played Riverside tonight. Nicholas rocked with 15 points, but the true highlight was both teams working together to give this young man (I believe his name is Logan) an opportunity to play the game as well. I see this stuff in the internet all the time, but to witness it in person is indescribable. God lives. Great youth.

Posted by Elizabeth Rosenbeck on Saturday, January 16, 2016

There’s 3 types of basketball videos I never get tired of seeing: Jamal Crawford ankle-breakers, vintage Penny Hardaway clips from 1993-95 and inspirational clips of kids with disabilities having their shining moment on a basketball court. On Saturday night, a boy with down syndrome, named Logan, had one of those shining moments.

Within seconds of entering the final minutes of a game, Logan, wearing #30 like Steph Curry, got the ball, dribbled down court and pulled up for a short jumper. He missed and then one of his teammates got the offensive board and took a shot (did Kobe Jr not get the memo?). Thankfully he missed and  his teammates got the rebound and gave it back to Logan.  Once again, Logan missed, but this time a player on the opposing team got the board. Instead of taking off down the court, he handed the ball back to Logan, who shot an airball. Another player on the opposing team caught it and gave it back to Logan. This time it was nothing but net. The crowd screamed and players on both teams threw their hands up in celebration.

The original video (above) was captured and shared by Facebook user Elizabeth Rosenbeck. Once it started to gain some attention, the local news picked up the story and went to Riverside High to meet Logan and the players who made his last game such a memorable one.

Source:  KHQ