Watch the Best Air Jordan Unboxing/Sneaker Review Video You Will Ever See

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Michael Jordan

The last time I enjoyed a review this much was in the 90s when the late great Chicago film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert were giving two thumbs up to films on the tv show "At the Movies."  In honor of the film critiquing Michael Jordan fans, i'm giving two big thumbs up to this Air Jordan IV Retro Oreak unboxing/review by the hilarious Brad Hall who made a piece of art that felt like what a Wes Anderson Shoe Review would be.

After this review I think every time I see the "Jumpman" logo I'm going to hear Brad's voice saying "Michael Air Jordan dunking" and the next time I try on some shoes I'll make sure to bring my light and dark Khakis as well as my Khaki shorts.

Hopefully this video inspires Paul Moses and his entourage to make an unboxing video.

or these Shoe Connoisseurs from H-Town.

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