Watch The First Two Episodes Of 'Ball In The Family': Bittersweet Victory & Forging A Path

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LiAngelo Ball LaMelo Ball Lonzo Ball

"Everybody in five years on their way out. The Steph Currys and LeBron James. You need somebody else to carry the NBA. What better way than the Ball boys?"- LaVar Ball

In the first episode of LaVar Ball's new reality show on Facebook, we are introduced to the polarizing father/entrepreneur, his three sons (Lonzo, LiAngelo, LaMelo), wife (Tina) and other members of the family, including the grandparents, Lonzo's girlfriend (Denise), manager (DMO) and the security squad (additional BBB models).

Outside of information about Tina's stroke, much of the first episode -- which ends with Lonzo getting drafted to the Lakers --  wont be anything new to fans and critics of the family.


Episode two takes us off the court and focuses on LaVar's relationship with Tina and Lonzo's relationship with his high-school sweetheart.