Watch This Epic Reaction To HS Sophomore Sensation E.J. Montgomery’s Poster Dunk

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EJ Montgomery Grant Hill

The late great John Wooden didn’t care for dunks and hated excessive celebrations so today, his birthday, probably isn’t the best day to celebrate a video like this but it’s just too epic to not share and celebrate today.

The dunk highlight comes from 6’9 high school sophomore sensation E.J. Montgomery at the Hoop Exchange Florida Fall Fest.  But the real highlight of this video is watching the rest of the players at the event go Def Comedy Jam crazy after the dunk.

If Footlocker wants to do another ‘Eruption’ commercial they can save a few dollars by getting the fainting kid to replace Kevin Durant.

I’m assuming most people here are too young to remember HBO’s early 90’s show ‘Def Comedy Jam’ but here’s a funny skit from’In Living Color (too young for this too)’ making fun of the crowd reactions from the stand-up comedy show.

Back to the #3 ranked player in the Class of 2018, check out this mix of EJ when he was just a little (6’6) kid in 7th grade drawing comparisons with NBA great Grant Hill (who is old enough to remember Def Comedy Jam).