Watch This Female High School Baller Make 120 3-pointers in 5 Minutes (16 short of world record)

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Ted Dupay

Earlier this summer Teddy Dupay attempted to make 10,382 3-pointers within 1 day.  He fell 5,381 3-pointers short of the near impossible goal but still made an impressive 5,000 3-pointers in a day. More impressive is saying he shot 66.2% and 75% for the first few hours.

Just as impressive as Dupay chasing a record was watching Class of 2017 Leah Church chase another one and hit 120 3-pointers in 5 minutes. She was going for the world record of 136 3-pointers in 5 minutes and like Dupay she fell short of her goal and like Dupay she gained a lot of props.

To put in perspective how hard it would be to make 120 3s in 5 minutes, you have to make 24 per minute. To put in perspective how hard it would be to make 10,000 3’s in a day.  If Leah was able to keep up her 120 per 5 minutes pace, she would have 1,440 3s in an hour.  She would then have to duplicate that success for 7 more hours to pass the 10K mark. That’s probably not going to happen but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her break the record of 136 one day.

But in the meantime, don’t challenge her to a 3-point contest.

And to other websites, I couldn’t care less about a hat tip or credit for this story but please at least give a shout out to Leah’s Twitter page @leah_church3.