Watch Vince Carter’s Full TWO HOUR Facebook Live Q&A With Fans

Hold up Grizzlies. So the biggest and most knowledgeable Vince Carter fan, who has been covering Vince since he was a junior in high school can’t get more than five minutes with Carter to create the best Carter interview video ever, but he can do a two-hour Facebook live session?!

Anyways, the NBA’s Benjamin Button did in fact spend over TWO HOURS (find another celeb willing to do this) on Saturday chatting, smiling and¬†interacting with fans. According to Grizzlies social media producer Amara Baptist, the only reason the session ended is because her phone died.

Shout out to my friend and mixtape GOD Maxamillion 711, who got out a special shout out from Vince for all of the videos he’s made over the years.

One of my favorite answers from the session was Carter saying, “Yes, I can still do a 360 windmill dunk. I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but I can still do it.” When asked about the elbow dunk, he sounded a little unsure and said he might try it again. If he does pull it off, it shouldn’t be too surprising since the 40-year old has been seen doing this nonsense recently.