Werm wins 4th Showdown Dunk Contest – it must be the socks!

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DeMar DeRozan

Congrats to Brandon “Werm” Lacue for winning his 4th (!) Showdown dunk contest this past weekend in DC.  The father of the cradle dunk that DeMar DeRozan did and was robbed for doing in the NBA dunk contest, has shown over the past four years that he can cradle and win in every city.  He previously won Showdown events in Dallas, Miami, Charlotte and Washington DC.

What makes Werm so unbeatable is that he has about 5 (perfect score worthy) dunks that he rarely misses and he’s a 1 foot dunker which usually makes his near free throw line and jumping over 4-6 people dunks stand out more among a competition of off 2 foot dunkers.

Personally, I think the secret to his success at these events is the socks.  In the video above you can see him modeling the Black/Yellow Elite Ballislife socks.  Elite socks for an Elite athlete.

Check out our mix and a couple of pics we took of Werm over the past couple of years.


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