Werm wins his 5th straight Sprite Showdown Contest

Players in this post:
DeMar DeRozan Kwe Parker

There are few givens in life.  Most would say death and taxes are those givens but I’m going to add Brandon “Werm” Lacue winning an annual Sprite Showdown contest as one of them.  For the past 2 years he’s won at a DC showdown, Charlotte the year before that and Miami and Dallas were the locations of the other two wins.

So what’s the secret to his success? Creativity and consistency. It’s one thing that he rarely misses dunk but it’s another that he’s not only executing hard dunks but he’s constantly inventing new ones.  Check out the video above from yesterday’s event to see his latest.  He’s also the inventor of the scoop dunk (renamed the Showstopper) that DeRozan did in the NBA dunk contest and he’s the inventor of the 360 scoop/cradle dunk that Kwe parker has been generating a lot of buzz for.

So here’s to death, paying taxes and watching our friend Werm win again. Congrats for adding another big ass check to your wall and here’s a look back at our favorite Werm performance.

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