Block of the Night: Wes Johnson with the 2 hand rejection on Damian Lillard

Wes Johnson did have 6 fouls to go with his 7 points and the Lakers did lose but it is nice to finally see some Wes Johnson highlights and last night’s 2 hand block on Damian Lillard was real nice!

The 4th pick of the 2010 draft has been a bust so far but in his 10 games with the Lakers he’s scored 152 points which is pretty good considering he only scored 393 points in 64 games during his last season with the Timberwolves. He had 6 more points then that total last season with the Suns and I expect him to pass those numbers before the All-Star break.

We can’t show 2 hand rejections off the backboard without showing the greatest one ever by the greatest ever.





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