Wes Johnson pays homage to Vinsanity with an off 1 foot windmill vs the Knicks

I would like to think Wes Johnson’s off 1 foot windmill vs the Knicks yesterday was a tribute to Vince Carter who also celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday.  It wasn’t as pretty or as powerful as a Vince windmill but it was nice and rare enough.

Vince was the first player I can recall to throw down a windmill off 1 foot in a NBA game. It was against the Chicago Bulls during his rookie season and during an interview after that season, he was asked what was his favorite dunk that he’s done so far and he responded by talking about the off one foot windmill and said he was surprised that most people didn’t appreciate the difficult dunk more.   The dunk is so unappreciated that you can’t even find a  solo clip of it on YouTube.

Most windmills are always done off two feet and the only guys in the past decade that were willing to do the dunk in games were Kobe and LeBron.

But we can’t talk about off 1 foot windmills without bring up James White who is capable of doing the dunk from the free throw line.



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