Westbrook breaks hand & has verbal altercation with fan

You can always depend on that one “tough guy.” That one loud mouth tough guy sitting high up in the stands or behind a computer saying whatever he wants to an athlete or celeb because he knows he can get away with it.

Last night’s a$$hole tough guy of the night goes to whoever was yelling at Russell Westbrook while he was walking to the locker room.  Westbrook, who suffered a small fracture in his right hand after just 9  minutes of playing, stopped and said something back to the guy who obviously would never say anything negative if he was face-to-face with Westbrook or probably his wife, boss, neighbor, or anybody else who annoys him.

Westbrook left the game with a cast on his hand and skipped out on the post-game interviews but Scott Brooks said all that was needed for the Durant-less and now Westbrook-less Thunder.

“Good teams and good players bounce back from adversity, and our guys understand that.”

And saying Westbrook is good is as big of an understatement as saying Westbrook is “tough.”