What every NBA team would look like if every player was "going home"

A favorite argument among hoop fan that are proud to represent their zip code is "which city has the best hoopers?"

EliteDaily.com put together some great ammo for those arguments by creating team graphics showing what each NBA team would look like if every player pulled a LeBron and went home (and salaries weren't an issue).  Many of these teams (like Chicago if all the players were healthy) look like dream teams but in LeBron's case, I'm sure he rather have his current Cavs team than this hometown crew.



Wizards2Warriors1Raptorstwolvessunssixersrocketspistonspelicanspacers1OKC1netsupdatedmavsmagic1Lakers2knicks2kings2hornetsheat1hawks1clippersceltics1   BucksBlazers (1)



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