What Knee Injury? Zion Williamson's Hops Are Coming Back!

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Zion Williamson

16-year old high school phenom and viral dunk maker Zion Williamson has been resting a bruised knee since his appearance at the Adidas Gauntlet in late April. On Wednesday, he showed what a little rest can do by posting a few dunks on his Instagram account with the caption: "It's coming back." As evident from the off-the-wall dunks, his not 100% hops are twice as good as 90% of the players in the NBA.

If you need a reminder of how sick the hops were before the soon-to-be-forgotten injury, check out this our mixtape: Zion Williamson is NOT FROM THIS PLANET!!

The alien is also gracing this month's issue of Slam Magazine, who did a great story and video on Drake's favorite high school baller. Here's the video feature and some behind the scenes footage from the shoot.