What Lockout? It’s time to watch Harrison Barnes and UNC do their thing.

Players in this post:
Harrison Barnes

by David Cassilo / @dcassilo

portraits by Atiba Jefferson / @atibaphoto

I’ll admit it, Carolina fans. When I drove down to Chapel Hill from Washington, DC, to write the cover story, I had to make a pit stop in Durham. I had to see Cameron. I was too much of a college basketball junkie not to check it out.

I double parked the car, put the blinkers on and then walked inside the arena. I roamed the court, sat in the bleachers and ogled the trophy case.

After about 30 minutes there, I jumped back in the car and drove to Chapel Hill. I perused the campus bookstore (there are Carolina-blue Jordan slippers for babies!), lost myself in the basketball museum and then reached the Smith Center.

Peep the cover below and read the rest of this article here: Via Slamonline




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