What You Don't Know Or Remember About The Night Baron Davis Tried To Murder AK-47

Time flies! It flies like a Charlotte Baron Davis, moves as fast as a UCLA Baron Davis and if you don't respect it, time will f*** your day up and give you a moment you will never forget for the rest of your time on earth...just like a Golden State Baron Davis.

It's been ten years since the leader of the 'We Believe" Warriors tried to murder AK-47 in Game 3 against the Utah Jazz. Everybody remembers the baptizing-nail-in-the-coffin dunk on Kirilenko, then the shirt lift, but here are some interesting things you might not know or remember about that night.

  • The refs called a technical foul on Davis for lifting his shirt.
  • Davis had an impressive stat line of 32 points (12-20 FG), 9 assists, 6 steals and 4 boards while Utah starters Deron Williams and Derek Fisher combined for 25 points and 6 assists. Fisher also fouled out while trying to maintain Davis.
  • This was the only win for the #8 seed Warriors in the five-game series and it was the biggest margin of victory (20) in the series. The single win was a shocker since they eliminated the #1 seed Dallas Mavs in the first round.
  • Kirilenko had 16 blocks in games 1-3 before getting dunked on by Davis. He had 0 blocks in the next two games and didn't get a block until Game 2 in the next round.
  • According to Davis on a recent episode of KG Area21, he said AK asked for it because, "he winked at me the play before when I did a lay up."

He also told KG this dunk was probably his favorite dunk.

So in honor of one of the greatest in-game dunks of all-time and a decade of watching it over and over again, here's a rare live angle of it followed by full highlights of the game and a bunch of nasty clips of Davis dunking on guys during his early days.