When did Lamar Odom get so fat?

The video above is Lamar “the sky is the limit” Odom.  The Lamar Odom that I thought would become one of the premier players in the league and lead the young guns squad of Q, Darius Miles, Corey, Dooling and Brand to the promise land (playoffs).

The following pic is a candy obsessed Odom with the Lakers. All those sugary carbs he loved consuming weren’t good for his body but he looked muscular and great and was putting up an impressive 16 & 10 a night.


Then came the vetoed trade to New Orleans and eventual trade to the Mavs. Let’s just say the his entire time in Texas was a disaster and not even discuss that he was assigned to the D-League. Let’s also not discuss his reality show “Khloe & Lamar” with wife Khloe Kardashian.


Then things got better when Odom returned to the Clippers…

628x471 (2)

but was soon making more tabloid news than NBA news especially in 2013 when he was looking scary skinny and having public meltdowns and appearing in some pretty bizarre viral videos rapping about his ex Khloe.



So here we are in the summer of 2014 and Lamar Odom looks like this….



Hopefully Phil Jackson can save him.


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