When You Need To Pee During A Game: Steph Curry Hits Half-Court Shot & Sprints To The Locker Room

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The typical reaction to a buzzer beating half-court shot before half-time is lots of high-fives, chest bumping, maybe some dancing and screams towards the crowd.  That’s not the case when you really need to use the bathroom or you are Steph Curry and 3-pointer buzzer beaters are as routine as using the restroom.

This is also a good strategy to avoid annoying half-time interviews, although the Warriors do have the awesome and lovely Rosalyn Gold-Onwude.

Or maybe Steph was just hoping to see what his wife had in store for him after the shot.

Ayesha Curry Cheers Steph Up After A Loss

#WCW Ayesha Curry A lot of players have “basketball wives” on reality TV and/or Instagram model girlfriends but Steph has a classy, smart, beautiful wife/chef that knows how to put a smile on his face after a disappointing loss (and supposedly when he makes 5 or more 3s in a game) Video by Bay Area Sports Report

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Back to awesome celebrations, this is how JR Smith celebrated one of his 3-pointers last night.