When You Unlock Hoodie Melo in NBA 2K18

Another great video from the makers of Game of Zones and Dunk Dominators.

Hoodie Melo has been the most popular basketball player over the summer and his now legendary performances during the Black Ops sessions in New York were so impressive, 2K gave him the highest rating in the game: 98 (one higher than LeBron).  My only issue with the B/R video is they have Melo doing a 360 windmill dunk. Not even teenage Melo with the braids was able to do a show dunk worth talking about.

Back in 2002, he participated in the McDonalds All-American High School dunk contest and his best dunk was a weak reverse off the backboard. His best attempt was windmill off the bounce.

The craziest thing about this contest is Melo actually won it, beating Rashad McCants and Amare Stoudemire. Before you make any comment about Melo being a decent dunker because he won this contest, remember David Lee once beat James White and Candace Parker beat JR and Josh Smith. With that said, Melo (without the Hoodie) has had some decent game dunks over his career and hopefully he will have a few more when he's playing with (the Houston Rockets?) next season.


Here's the impressive Dunk Dominators video I previously mentioned. As expected, there's no Carmelo Anthony highlights in it and the dunks are way more impressive than the ones from 2002 McDonalds contest.